2010 Resolution

Friday, 1 January 2010

My goals for 2009 included ELM "Enjoy Life More."  I didn't always look on the bright side of things but often when 2009 became grim, I reminded myself to enjoy life - and I did. 

For 2010, my resolution is RAC "Rebel Against Consumerism."  I don't need things to make me happy.  I'll be happy when I'm debt-free and I'm closer than ever!

Cutting down on buying clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags and "luxury" items that I don't need might accomplish a few things in 2010: 

1.  I'll reduce waste since I won't be throwing out things after acquiring more things.
2.  I'll recycle more since I'm conscious of the amount of waste I produce.
3.  I'll re-use more things and focus on buying re-usable items.
4.  I'll work to grow my own products (herbs, veggies) rather than always purchase them from the giant "organic" super-store down the street.
5.  I'll be closer to having no credit card debt.

Yep, I like to set lofty goals but hey, it's a new dawn, a new decade and why not shoot for the moon?  Tell me about your resolutions...

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Anonymous said...

Good goals... "I just want big muscles..." lol
(cut to Denae breaking a rule and touching her co-anchor) HAHAhaha. ;)