Does the dress work?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010
I am not a fashion expert.  I'm just a gal that likes to blog and LOVES to form an opinion on the dresses actresses wore to the 2010 Golden Globes.  (Here's my post on Oscar fashion from 2009.)  You may not agree with what I have to say so by all means, post a comment with your opinion:  Does the dress work?

Mariah Carey - No. You are overweight and that's not a big deal but this was the wrong choice of dress.  The amount of chest you are showing is shocking. I feel like I need to divert my eyes.

Olivia Wilde - Yes. Perfect fit, lovely plunging neck line with the right amount of skin showing.  I like the sparkle.

Jennifer Morrison - No.  The gown reminds me of wet tissue paper or used Kleenex.  The ruffles don't look good around the hips, either.

Fergie - No. Way too much bust spilling out. There's sexy and then there's odd-looking. You are the latter. The dress is ready for the prom and why would you wear the witch hair on the red carpet?

Sophia Fergara - Yes! Great colors, ahhhh silk, pretty details. Not too over the top but stylish.

Glenn Close - Yes and No. Love the dress but it isn't for you. Sorry, but you need to wear something on your shoulders at your age and in some pictures you are showing arm-pit fat oozing over the strapless gown. I don't even wear strapless because of that.

Zoe Saldana - Yes.  I love your glam hair, the dress is pretty with the detailing around the neckline and the color is also knock-out. 

Toni Collete - Yes.  I know the dress is a little overboard with sparkles but this is what I think Golden Globes fashion should look like. Great cut to the gown, great body and I adore the up-do with perfect jewelry.

Julianne Moore - No. The dress doesn't even look like it fits properly. Is it supposed to droop down at the shoulders?

Jennifer Gardner - Yes. You look great even after a baby!

Helen Mirren - Yes. Beautiful, elegant, refined but with sparkle.  Although, I have no idea what the beard is doing in the background.


Michael said...

Mariah: her head looks shrunken with those massive melons and linebacker shoulders that the capped sleeves imply.

Olivia Wilde: I think I like this one best. Simple, sexy, sparkly. Her severe cheekbones and up-turned eye makeup following the same lines make her face weird.

Jennifer Morrison: This reminds me of the crepe/tissue paper crafts I did in elementary school, where you'd use a pencil and a daub of Elmer's to adhere.

Fergie: I sorta like this dress. It's one of my favorite colors, ever. Her cleavage isn't as inappropriate as Mariah, so I'd let it pass.

Sophia Fergara: I'm not sure I really "get" this in a photo. Given the weird lighting on her right leg, it might be a dress that can only be appreciated in person/video/motion.

Glenn Close: I actually really like this, except it fits a little strangely around her waist--maybe it's the designer trying to disguise her hips. And 99% of women have arm-pit fat, it isn't the end of the world.

Zoe Saldana: I really like the color, but the skirt is just a bit much for me. Only acceptable if this photo was followed by a flamenco performance.

Toni Collete: I like it, but she's also sort of monochromatic with her gold dress, bronzed skin, and golden hair.

Julianne Moore: She looks *really* short in this photo, and as if she's embarrassed of her shoes. She should be.

Jennifer Gardner: Not bad...

Helen Mirren: Classy, I suppose, but the look is maybe a little dated for an awards show. I do believe that's a Kenny Rogers beard in the background.

Denae said...

Michael - you have a great eye. We have to agree to disagree on Ferg. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Denae!!! Mariah Carey is hardly overweight. She is probably a size 8 or 10. Good Lord. You are right - the dress is totally wrong for her. And a little modestly never hurt anyone. She looks bigger because she is wearing lycra. I would hate to see what I look like in a Herve Leger dress...the mere thought gives me chills. But she is not overweight by anything but Rachel Zoe standards.

And Helen Mirren showed the children how it is done.


Teri's Blog said...

I liked the color of Fergie's dress, but it might be better when she was a blonde.

Denae said...

Casey - I think Mariah would LOVE it if she could squeeze into an 8. She has personal trainers and chefs for goodness sake. She is beautiful but no, not in that dress. Sooo true about the lycra though. Let's plan a girls' trip to LA and only wear black lycra!!
Teri - the color of Fergie's dress IS pretty and yes, maybe lighter hair would work.

LizP said...

I pretty much agree with everything except Jennifer Garner. She's awfully pale and the colour of that dress makes her look even more ghost-like.

Annie said...

Mariah.. no and no. It seems like she's a little kid trapped in woman's body. She can never find clothes that work FOR her! Too much flesh hanging out. Speaking of which... Did you see Christina Hendricks? She's is soo gorgeous! But that dress she was wearing.. Jaw dropping. And not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Also, I really liked the Glenn Close dress. I know you don't like strapless at all - but anyone with breasts has those folds, be you 18 or 65. Glenn's arms are better than mine, so I say go for it.

Loved Toni, but maybe a bot too much bronzer? The Zoe Saldana dress looked like a scene from Gone With the Wind. And I don't mean that in a good way...

One dress you didn't mention was Christina Hendricks. While I think the dress would be tacky on most, I thought she looked absolutely lovely. It really flattered her figure.

And Mariah is still not overweight.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A little sad by some of the comments that you posted Danae.
Mariah is most definitely NOT overweight & though I don't always think she chooses the most flattering clothing, there is really no difference in the cleavage of her dress & that of Olivia Wilde's. The fit is definitely different but the neckline is not. The difference is the AMOUNT of cleavage..Olivia isn't quite as ample. Its a bit of a double standard to say that Mariah is overexposed but then to comment that Olivia looks great, when its almost the exact same neckline. You say Olivia is showing the right amount of skin..but that's because shes not as busty as Mariah--if she was, they would look basically the same.

The comment about Jennifer Garner was meant to be positive but comes off as being a bit backhanded--as if we should all be suprised that a woman can look good after having children.

Glen Close looks great--but because of a little bit of arm fat (which we all have) and her age, she needs to cover them up?

I know that you're in a business where appearance matters but as someone who loves reading your blog, this just didn't feel good today.You called a woman overweight (and she's not), thought we should congratulate a woman with 2 kids for looking phenominal, and made a judgement that a woman shouldn't show her arms based on her AGE & a minor imperfection. We are all so critical of each other, especially women--I just think we need to move away from that, even if it was a just for fun post.

Or maybe I just took this whole thing way too seriously. :)


Denae said...

Hi Anonymous - certainly this post is not meant to upset anyone.

Mariah Carey is very busty and that is why this dress is not appropriate for her.

Jennifer has a fabulous body and I think we can agree being pregnant changes one's body. She is still in great shape. My comment had nothing to do with how many children she has (or being a mom) but just how wonderfully she takes care of herself.

I do not think Glenn should wear that dress. To look classy at all ages, fashion is different. Would you really wear something at 50 that you wore at the age of 20?

Beyond being less critical of others we all also need to work on our own self confidence and be happy with our bodies. Our choice of clothes can enhance the awesome aspects of our look or hinder them.

Thanks for your comments! That's what this blog is for - to attract lots of opinions and discussion. Don't be afraid to let us know who you are next time.