In Playa del Carmen

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I am in the most fabulous dodgy internet shop near the beach in Playa del Carmen.  The keyboards are in Spanish and different to mine so I cannot figure out how to type an apostrophe thus, no contractions.  That makes blogging fun. 

Kingsley is very different from me in that he truly appreciates body art and the ecclectic vibe.  So, he is in a tattoo shop right now getting a tattoo of the center of the Mayan calendar (The Sun God).  I would much rather take a few minutes to catch up on blogging and Facebook.  We are both creative but I am certainly the journalist.  I need to know what is going on with the world. 

I have only checked my email once or twice a day so far this week and the abstinence is like internet rehab for me.  My tropical paradise means I have to read books, meditate and talk face to face with my husband.  A lovely trade-off from the daily grind! Yes, I admit I am a mouse potato.  

We are having a lovely time together and the Mayan ruins at Tulum today were magnifico!


Ted Stryk said...

I was about to ask what in the world you were doing spending your time in Playa del Carmen, but if it was between that and watching people do something extremely painful, that makes sense! Glad you are having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Yea! glad you are having fun -- tomorrow the temp will go from single digits to 70 something in a matter of a couple hours - what fun. Love Daddio

Denae said...

Ted - We loved Tulum as you said we would. The beach was closed because of rough waters but WOW it was awesome. Daddio - having a blast. 70s in Ohio? Dewey may have to go outside!