Catch Up

Wednesday, 7 April 2010
It bugs me when people don't post regularly on their blogs - sorry I've been one of those people this week.  I am trying to get back in the saddle of a mid-market TV reporter.  Hectic!

9:30am morning meeting SHARP.  We go around the conference table one by one to give brief story ideas.  It is not an option to come to the table without good ideas.  Reporters at WATE are busy!  Yesterday, I turned two "packages" or stories, wrapped them around live reports (from two different locations) and I haven't even learned how to post on the web yet.  Suffice it to say, I'm back to racing the clock, my heart beats at a steady rate all day and I don't have much time to worry about silly things like lunch and bathroom breaks.  People in the newsroom are highly professional, care about their work and push the limit to remain competitive in the market.  Whew.

Personally, things are good.  My close friends are letting me live with them as I wait to close on the house.  They have a fantastic condo Downtown and Violet and I have plenty of space (more about Violet adjusting later).  I'm a bit bummed because Kings and I can't see each other as much on Skype.  On Pacific time, we were exactly 8 hours apart which worked out so that we could see each other in the morning and in the evening.  On this schedule, we are only able to catch one another on our days off.  There's a disconnect but we'll find a way to make it work (we always do!).

My loan packet has been sent off and I have the house inspection on Friday.  I also spent 20 minutes on the phone this evening setting up home insurance (which you have to have in place before closing).  Every night I think about owning a house, preparing a home for the hubs and throwing a no-holds-barred house warming bash (kidding).

The other bonus about buying a pad is Violet will have her own territory again.  Here, she shares space with three adults, a toddler (who is the sweetest, most delightful child on the planet) a large dog and a medium-sized dog.  The dogs do not know what to think of Violet.  Jake (the large lab) is pretty easy-going but he has  a booming bark.  Waffles (smaller rescue mut) is like a little puppy angel until it is time to scrap.  At that point, hold on to your hat.

The other day Ace was in my room chatting with the door about an inch open... no big deal.  Violet starts to play with her golf ball and the rolling back and forth makes a strange noise.  The dogs poke their heads in to investigate and All Hell Breaks Loose.  Violet pauses to assess the situation and slowly arches her back.  That sends Jake into a frenzy.  He rushes toward the cat which prompts Waffles to provide backup by also lunging forward.  Violet jumps 6 feet in the air, somehow flips 180 degrees and commences to climb the wall.  Jake BARKS which jolts Violet into another gymnast-like maneuver in the direction of the bed.  She misses and with a look of sheer terror and a hint of annoyance she slides back down to where the beasts have gathered.  Ace (like a bolt of lightening) shows her super mother skills and springs into action.  She grabs both dogs by the scruff of the neck somehow letting Violet spring sideways hitting the bed again but this time rolling underneath into cover to the relief of all present.  Waffles yelps out of frustration and Ace's sweet little boy bursts into a mournful cry because the animals aren't getting along.

I'm actually really glad to be living with people.  The married but single life can be lonely.  Now, there's always something going on!


LizP said...

If Knoxville is a "mid-market" what is Eugene? I've always considered it a "D" market where NYC would be an "A" and San Fran would be a "B".

Anonymous said...

Liz - You're right, Eugene is about a C- market. It ranks #119, and there are about 200 "television markets" in the US.
However, both San Fran and NYC are A+. (they are number 2 and 1 respectively)
Denae I am so happy for you! I bet in less than a few weeks, you will master the pressure and soon it will be nothing!
PS. I am totally one of those bad bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Correction* LA might be market #2...