Dig It

Sunday, 23 May 2010
My friend Larsen gave me a huge pile of flagstone for free so I felt I should do something fun with it.  I decided to create a 6x9 patio on the back of my property at the "mouth" of my small forest. 

It took me two days to load and  unload all of the flagstone from the warehouse.  Then I read on eHow how to build a patio.  First, you have to measure the space, outline it with spray paint or a garden hose and get to digging.  I dug up an inch of grass and an inch of dirt all while enjoying being in the great outdoors.  I've never glowed (ladies don't sweat, right?) so much and had to remind myself to keep going.  Indurance is key with the digging. 

There are tree roots in the ground that are as hard as rocks.  Bugs come wiggling out of the soil and worms are everywhere.  I also questioned my placement of the patio after seeing lots of little ants.

After finishing the digging, I raked the area to try to get it as level as possible.  Then, I laid down the sand.   Once the sand is down you have to wet it and pack it all down again with a shovel. That also has to be level. 

Arranging the flagstone is difficult and HEAVY but not as hard as digging for an hour and a half, bent over and forcing the shovel forward with your hips.  Thank goodness I was wearing leather work gloves (lucky to have a nice neighbor to give them to me didn't know I needed them) but I still had to pop a blister on my thumb last night.

Once most of the stones were arranged, I quit for the evening.  It was getting dark by then.  I'm on my way home now to add sand to the cracks, wet it all again and then sweep.  This, I found out, is not a beginner project but it isn't bad and I can see two comfy loungers sitting back there around a fire pit.  We have a deck but this spot is in the shade.  How was your weekend?


Teri's Blog said...

That looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG! go you! (I installed my own brick patio at my old house in Phoenix) It's a huge feeling of accomplishment and looks great!

Denae said...

Teri, Mark - you two are fab. Thanks for posting. I was excited. WOW, MA - that's amazing I almost died moving a few stones. I can't imagine a brick patio!!

Anonymous said...

2 days is good, I took over a week to lay my slabs that cover about twice that area. You must be strong it really is heavy work.