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Sunday, 25 July 2010
Our dear friend Brent gave me a walk-behind mower he no longer uses.  It is a Snapper and will start but won't run.  I've put on a new spark plug (with help from a frirend) and that didn't help.  It has oil and it has gas.  What to do? 

Advice I've gotten so far:

Change the air filter
Replace the diaphragm on the carburetor
Drain the gas and put in new gas

I've also learned from a neighbor and through research online that a mower is a relatively simple machine.  It needs air, fire (ignition) and gas.  I know it has air and it has gas so there must be something with the "fire" element.

This is frustrating because I finally learned how to mow!  Last week the grass was getting so high, I borrowed my next-door neighbor's push mower to give it a go.  It quit twice during my mow-a-thon and I pulled and pulled and pulled (after priming of course) and had such a hard time getting it started. 

It took two hours in the hot, hot sun to get the lawn completed and afterwards I had to go inside and lay down on the kitchen floor to cool my body temperature.  (Bit dramatic, I know.)  The feeling of finishing the job was empowering and have I mentioned - I adore being a homeowner.

Mowing is not easy and wow - I almost feel like I had the easy list of chores (cleaning, ironing, laundry) when we were growing up.  My brother mowed.  Poor kid.

If you have a riding mower you'd like to lend me, just say the word.  Also, if your company would like me to test a riding mower and blog about it, feel free to contact me.  Ha! 

Do you mow or pay someone to do it for you?


Dan said...

I don't have a huge lawn and for years used a manual push mower. I finally bought a gas powered mower (not sure how I lived without it) from Sears. I've had a few neighbor kids come by and want to mow for money. Sometimes I pay them if they are raising money for something special...

Chris F. said...

I never minded mowing. As a kid, I used to mow my neighbor's yard for about $5. I thought that was good money at the time which I saved up to buy toys with.

My personal suggestion is to either mow in the morning or evening.

Crystal Young said...

I mow. Not as frequently as my landlord would like but I mow. I have a rotary mower, which works well if you have the time - it makes your grass grow differently, in a way that I like - but like I mentioned, it takes time and that is a luxury I do not currently experience.