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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

For real though, if you have never had to mow your own lawn, thank your lucky stars.  I picked up my mower last night from "the doctor," paid $50 and drove straight home to try it out.  My work outfit for the day included a black skirt with a slight ruffle and a silk 3/4 length sleeves top with black flats.  With my determination in overdrive, I almost buzzed through the yard in that.  But no, didn't want the neighbors to think I'd finally lost it so I opted for a more appropriate mowing look: cut off jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt with my hair pulled back.  Speaking of pulling, I only had to tug on the start line twice before the Snapper fired up.  It worked!

Never, ever, in my life have I been excited about a piece of lawn equipment but I had to almost keep the smile off my face as the tracks of shorter grass stretched out behind me.  The week before (my first time mowing) it took me 2 hours to defeat the front and the back yard and I was determined this week to get it done in half the time.  I worked hard.  I walked faster.  I pushed harder and learned how to spin the mower around when I made it to the end of the strip.

There's a physical and mental challenge every person faces during the tedious job.  When the machine comes alive your body gets a small jolt of adrenaline.  It's working...start the job!  About half way through the yard, your mind starts to wander, you get bored and try to refocus.  Then, when you have about five long rows left to mow, your body tends to give out.  I had to breathe like I do when I exercise hard (a few good exhales through the mouth) in order to clear my head.  Then, I gave myself a little pep talk.  "Almost there.  You've got this.  Keep going!"  Finally, the last row of tall grass is in front of you and a feeling of elation sets in - almost finished!  Then, you wipe the sweat from your brow and inhale.  There's such pride in a job well done.

After mowing, rinsing the mower in water from my rain barrel and watering some of the plants, I went inside.  It had only taken me 45 MINUTES to get the work done.  Maybe I can get it down to 20 minutes.  Is it possible to run while mowing?  Kidding...

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LizP said...

Wow, I am suitably impressed! I have owned 3 houses (one as a single) and have never mowed a lawn. I either had a gardener or a husband :-)