Me and 95,000 Fans

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Neyland Stadium is a beast to be reckoned with. It holds 102,000+ screaming University of Tennessee fans. The last college ball venue I visited was in Eugene, Oregon. The University of Oregon stadium holds 54,000 people. You can imagine how overwhelming it is to surround yourself with a huge blob of orange.

I never win anything but when my place of business hosted a ticket drawing, I put my name in the hat. I won one set of tickets! Even though I had to work Saturday, I made it for the second half of the game and wow - it was a nail bitter. 

My friend Dave won the other set of tickets and invited our web producer, Angie. The seats were amazing and we screamed our heads off, trying to encourage the Vols' defense to play harder. 

The University of Alabama-Birmingham kicker did not have a good day on the field. He missed 5 field goals (why didn't the coach put in the 2nd string kicker!?). 

UT's quarterback (in my opinion) couldn't scramble, wouldn't run for it through a hole, and led the passes too far out. I later found out he's a junior but recently transfered from a junior college and is inexperienced. He looked like it.

We were tied with UAB (not a SEC conference team) at 23-23 going into the first overtime. In the second overtime, we got a TD and won the game!

I haven't been in Neyland since 2003 and it was so fun to root for the Vols. Here's hoping for a better week next week at LSU.

Oh, I also need to get some UT paraphernalia to wear to the games. I only had an orange-ish dress that works for summer. 

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