Music To My Ears

Sunday, 23 January 2011
The week after our honeymoon, Kingsley and I purchased a bass guitar in London for him. He is creative and enjoys the arts and wanted to learn to play. This week, we purchased an old - but in playing condition - piano for me. I start lessons in February!

This is very exciting for me. I remember my father playing the guitar while we were growing up. He used to sing and play the trumpet as well. My grandmother D'Arcy played the piano and I recall fondly an instance where my Aunt Judy sat down at her piano and played an amazing concert for us just off-the-cuff one evening.

My piano teacher is Ben Maney of Ben Maney and the Countless Sheep. I happened to ask for piano teacher recommendations on twitter and a music-minded friend suggested I email him. Mr. Maney teaches at the music shop on North Broadway a few days a week and lessons are affordable. Here's the review of his music from Metro Pulse:

Local keyboard wizard Ben Maney specializes in a smooth, understated jazz-pop. The most obvious reference point is Ben Folds, but Maney’s skill is catholic—his solo project, the Countless Sheep, straddles pop, ’70s soul, prog rock, and fusion jazz, but he’s got straight jazz chops that keep him in demand for numerous other local combos, including Mitch Rutman’s guitar-based jam-jazz, and can get down and dirty as a regular contributor to blues outfit the MacDaddies. (Matthew Everett)

Kings and I have decided, if we don't get a Visa approval, we will form a two-person band, travel Europe and play music in public transportation tunnels. We will also attempt to coerce our families to visit us in numerous cities and bring random comforts from home. (Just kidding, family!) 

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