We Raised Money!

Saturday, 5 February 2011
The Friends of Literacy bachelor auction brought in $5,000! I'm so excited for the turn-out and amazing support from women who are clearly Money Bags. Some of the gentlemen auctioned for $500. Of course, the guy comes with a fabulous date but wow. We are thrilled and our guests seemed to genuinely have a good time.

I had fun and decided to do my own hair and makeup. Kingsley taught me how to do "s" curls with my GHD hair straightener so I curled my entire head of hair. Then, I teased the crown, pined back the sides and added adornment in the form of mother-of-pearl flower clips. I used quite a bit of hair spray so the curls and partial up-do thankfully stayed in place.

The evening began with the VIP champagne reception. 50 lucky ladies got to mingle with the bachelors. The men all had a calling card of sorts to hand out which told a little bit about them. The event was enhanced by music from a live band and looking around, I could already sense some "love" connections.

There were two other notable media members participating on stage with me: Lauren and Dino from WVLT. Lauren and I emceed the event and Dino was our auctioneer. He was amazing and worked the crowd into a frenzy over almost every guy. He accomplished so much for Friends of Literacy and helped our bidders to have fun and loosen up.

Mingling continued upstairs just before the event when the general admission ladies arrived. The open bar prepared Love Potion #9 (sangria) as a signature cocktail for guests to purchase. Before the bidding began, I paused to take a picture with my bachelor recruits, Chris (L) and Ben (R). Together they raised $580 on dates!!!

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