Cairo Cafe

Wednesday, 2 March 2011
We hosted a small Knoxville Tweetup (get together for people who are friends on Twitter) and celebrated Melissa's birthday (2nd from the right in below picture) at the same time at Cairo Cafe on Gay Street downtown.

The "authentic" Egyptian venue is unlike any other in Knoxville and in the front area luxurious cushions are placed on the ground around short tin tables and patrons lounge on the floor. The seating in that area is traditional and we each had a drink before moving to a table for dinner.

The food choices are unique and we all tried a salad before our main course. The most popular was the dish pictured above, Toomiya. The menu says "This is for garlic loves. Cubed potato mixed with garlic, olive oil, parsley and spices." Very tasty. I ordered the Tabouli salad which is "minutely chopped herb salad with parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions, & fine grains of burghul." It was good but had a strong flavor of parsley that was a bit over-powering.
For the main course I ordered Pastitsio and thought it was delicious. It is described on the menu as "layered macaroni with bashimi sauce and ground beef. 

Cairo Cafe is also a "hookah" lounge. That is a sort of pipe that patrons sit around and smoke. People can choose from different flavors such as apricot and cherry. The tobacco is nicotine and tar free. I didn't stick around to sample that because I'm allergic to smoke but it is certainly a way to experience a new cultural aspect in Knoxville. Belly dancers perform on the weekends and that would be entertaining, I'm sure.


Crystal Young said...

I hope you mean that Melissa is second from the right because if you are getting too overworked to know that "Melissa" look suspiciously like you, you might need to take a day off.

Denae said...

Haaa! Thanks for catching this...

LBlackNAMITN said...

Haha, I didn't catch that either until I read back through the caption. Another great evening was had by all who attended, and I ventured out of my comfort zone! :-)