Social Media Saturday - Breaking News

Saturday, 12 March 2011
Used to be, when an international event happened, I'd learn about it IF I turned to CNN when the story was cycling through. Or, I'd catch the news on when I signed on to check my email. Now, I seem to learn about everything from social media.

We were out in South Beach, Miami at Fountaine Blue on Thursday night and upon getting into the cab, I of course, checked my email and Twitter. News was just breaking about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. I knew about it instantly from reading tweets and for the next hour got live updates from news agencies and even people living in Japan.

Twitter routinely scoops television news and get this - the USA Today on Friday morning didn't even have a picture or report about the disaster. Hard copy newspapers fail when it comes to breaking news now days.

During the day on Friday, I stayed logged on to Twitter and checked Facebook often to read real-time updates from people reporting from the West Coast and in Japan. While flying back to Knoxville, I also watched CNN in the airport. I will say that television certainly wins when it comes to visual reporting. Twitter doesn't atomatically show pictures or video and the user has to click on links to actively engage visually.

How did you hear about the earthquake and how did you follow updates through-out the day on Friday? Your feedback is appreciated.

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