D.C. Vibe

Sunday, 19 June 2011
Even though I love to blog about restaurants, food and activities, I wanted to take a moment to blog about the energetic and productive vibe I noticed while in Washington D.C.

Not only were people friendly and efficient, they walked with a purpose and seemed to be constantly thinking about their next move. Case in point, we met several people who worked in the Capitol building. While they seemed to love their jobs, they also alluded to actively looking for their next opportunity.

The movers-and-shakers certainly thrive in the nation's capitol and I felt energized just spending time there. At Poste, a restaurant near China Town, Megan and I rubbed elbows with many political types (more on that later) and spent more time with my old friends Neil and Becca. They've lived in the city for eight years and have purchased a house, built a family and hang out with the elite that work on The Hill.

While I may not live there, I want to travel back soon and hang with the "smart and ambitious" again. Surrounding yourself with certain people can raise the bar when it comes to determination and drive.    

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