Impromptu Birthday Post

Thursday, 30 June 2011

This is how most of my blog posts begin: I'm lying in bed with my laptop surfing Twitter and Facebook and I think, My blog? I need to post something on it. That's what happened tonight but when I considered the topic it hit me. I am another year older tomorrow.

I like being 30+ years old. I really do. My fears about not having certain material things have subsided. I'm more mature and have more self confidence. Plus, when people ask your age and you respond, no one looks away like she's too young to know what she's talking about. A certain respect from others comes in your 30s.

My 20s were spent experimenting, traveling and burning bridges. I love that my early 30s have been about establishing roots, enjoying the simple things (such as a nice back yard with mature trees) and laughing out loud at mistakes. Also this year, a wonderful new theoretical lover entered the fray: Piano. Tonight my teacher, Ben Maney (a legend in Knoxville) listened to the piece I'm working on and said, "That is an intermediate song." Wow! Intermediate? Perhaps he was just being kind but I am thrilled with my musical adventure and slow advancement.

Also this year I traveled to the Caribbean for the first time and touched the clear water and tasted Conch. My parents, brother and husband were by my side for the week of discovery. We enjoy lovely family vacations and I have truly grown to appreciate them fully.

What does the future hold? In my mind I've always planned on having my first child at age 35 (if we do in fact decide to have babies) so that gives me three more years starting tomorrow of selfishness. I don't mean that literally but figuratively as in, this is my chance to keep up with the goal of being financially settled, intellectually primed and physically worn down enough to not want to stay out past midnight. Haha! Seriously, this is a year of calculated risks and hopefully a reunion in the United States with my one true love.

Bring on the birthday! I turn 32 tomorrow. 

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Annie said...

Love the post and love the pitcure! <3 I often reflect like that over life, too...probably too much. But it's ok to stop and be happy and enjoy the moment - just as it is ok to feel sad. You have so much wisdom and reflection upon what you have achieved so far, and I have to say you are a trooper and an insipration to so many! So proud of you for doing piano lessons! And here's hoping your 32nd year will bring you and Kingsley together finally.