Week 3

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
I'm in my third week of school, second full week. Yesterday I arrived on campus around 9:30am and drove the commuter lot for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. Nada. Waste of time so I went home, made about three cups of instant Folgers coffee and studied and studied statistics.

Our basic stats review tutoring sessions are going well. Surprise! I actually understand the concepts and answered a few questions correctly. (I was more shocked than anyone else.) Only problem I see at this point is: I need more time. I honestly need at least two more hours in the day. Last night I was up until midnight reading chapters for classes and started to fall asleep sitting up on the couch.

I was up at 7:50am this morning but I should have been up earlier. There are a half dozen chapters to read before each class from different books and journals on subjects that are not easy to grasp (statistical theory, research methodology and the reasoning behind it).

I still need to register for professional organizations, find out when conferences are, sign up and begin developing papers. Wow. In over my head? I'm strong enough to tread for a while but the more I can organize my time, the better this venture is going to go. Throw me a life raft soon if needed, please.

Tonight I teach and I'm excited about seeing my students again and discussing media writing. Here's hoping they bring their A-game. I miss being in the newsroom.


CAFKIA said...

It is probably time to mount a bicycle carrier to your car and figure on pedaling the last mile or so. The lower KMA lot for instance, could be a jumping off point. It may not be the answer for every parking question but it is a good option to have.

It was great meeting you the other night. Perhaps our paths will cross again.


Christine said...

Sharing some blog love - passing along a Liebster award to you! http://inspire-to-create.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-surprise.html