Reality Coming At You

Thursday, 5 January 2012
...In 5
... (in the news biz you never actually say "1" because your voice could be heard on live TV...)

I was like you. I used to think, wow, that guy? The one that stays in school for 9 years? For what? Another degree? He's not even a medical doctor or a lawyer... A career student? Great. This economy needs more of them...

I get it. The only reason I'm trying to get my PhD is for a new and improved career path that offers a MUCH better schedule (more time to write non-fiction) and MUCH better pay than the TV news industry. However, wow. I am staring at the new, gorgeous bookcase that my father built for me and oh my word. There are at least 12 books that I need to read on subjects I do not fully understand to be ready for my classes that begin in less than a week.

Going after my PhD is the most difficult thing I've pursued and I need to be on my A game. Yes, I profess this often. In my opinion, career students are not just drains on the economy, they are (even worse) complete and utter masochists. Truly. I should perhaps seek therapy...

Back to reading. I hope 2012 is staring off brilliantly for you. Not bad here. ;)

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