Bit of Nature

Monday, 19 March 2012
Mom and I love to collaborate on arrangements for centerpieces and such. So, when we are on Bald Head Island, we appreciate aspects of nature. We like to go for drives on the golf course (in golf carts) with my dad at dusk to watch for heron, ibis, deer, fox and alligators. We also love to walk around the property and find items that bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

We used shells, a bit of driftwood and greenery with delicate berries for this arrangement which is on the buffet in the dining room.

We also noticed a sparse but elegant vignette in a Coastal Living magazine which included a Queen Palm leaf in a glass container. This is a nice contrast against the serene, white furniture, walls and wood blinds. 

We also found these tiny vases and glass ball to frame the kitchen window that looks out to the front drive way. We used a little palm leaf and greenery to define the space and blur the line between outside and inside. 

I even got into the act a bit by posing inside the ancient oak. We visited the Bald Head Island Conservatory shop today where the motto is, "Spend money, save turtles." The Lager Head turtles are important to the ecosystem here and come to lay eggs each summer. We have witnessed the tiny babies hatch and run for the sea in the moonlight. 

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