Lessons Learned from Students

Wednesday, 27 June 2012
I've enjoyed teaching summer school this session because we have to move at a faster pace but somehow, the vibe is more laid back. I've learned a lot in my first year of teaching. Lessons I've gleaned from undergrads include:

1. Avoid the dreaded "double text." If you are unaware of the phenomenon, read more here.

2. Rather than use the word "awkward" in an email, text or speech, when something is awkward, it is MUCH cooler to just say "Awk!"

3. Teachers know when you're faking an illness and miss class. Social media makes it almost impossible for people to keep their private lives private. You come in with a sunburn the next day? You probably weren't in bed with strep throat and Palastaie Limosaeviral the previous day.

4. United States elementary schools (public and private) are failing our kids. At least five of my students this year did not know the correct use of "your," "you're,""there," "they're," and "their." Yikes. I pointed this out in an email to one of my students (who probably just had a typo) and he cleverly responded: "Miss D'Arcy, I received your email. Sorry about that. You're the best." Points!

5. You do not, I repeat do not dress up for class. And I'm not talking about a suit and tie here. "Dressing up" means matching attire with a thought-out choice of footwear and perhaps accessories. Try too hard with your wardrobe? People will stare. To fit in, pajamas are acceptable. Clothing that one picks out from the rejects in the dumpster behind Goodwill are admirable and if a student can make his hair look as though he just woke up, played three games of basketball outdoors in 90 degree heat and sprinted to class, he's winning. I witnessed two nicely dressed female students come in this semester and actually apologize to those around them, "I have to go straight to work after class." The haters visibly relaxed from their poised stance of judgement. I admit it, I dress professionally and am scorned.


Teri's Blog said...

When I transferred to BYU I was surprised that Friday wasn't sweatpants day.

AK said...

UNHEARD OF!! The dresscode, that is. When I went to the UofO, I was disgusted by the lack of proper attire. In Norway, we dress up for grocery shoppin! Alas, it's hard to be European ;)

AK said...

PS, sorry if I keep posting multiples. Feel free to delete. My computer is acting up...