Toronto Island and CN Tower

Monday, 20 August 2012

While in Toronto, it is certainly worth the time to take the ferry over to the Toronto islands. The weather was lovely on Thursday. We walked to Ward's Island (the land is connected by bridges) for lunch at the Rectory. It has a fantastic patio surrounded by trees with a view of the water. 

We photographed Monarch butterflies and walked to the pier, watching some people on the beach sun bathe and somehow brave the cold water. 

James snapped some cool shots on the ferry on the way back. The view of the city is incredible from the islands. 

We then walked to the CN tower to take in another unbelievable vista. The crowds are dense and the line waiting to ride the elevator up (114 stories in 50 seconds) is long. James sprung for the advanced ticket which gives patrons a much shorter line (we thought it was worth it). 

In the attraction, there is a glass floor where the brave congregate to snap some shots. The effect isn't easy to capture with a camera but wow! it was exciting. 

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