Appearance Isn't Everything

Tuesday, 13 November 2012
General Petraeus, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen ... have all the fun. These are just some of the men who use their power to manipulate their personal situations and become successful at womanizing. I guess what bothers me the most is the double standard that abounds.

Let's say a powerful woman (in the public eye) cheats on her husband... the man who stood by her through a difficult career with a young, hot man. What would society say about her? She would be labeled as a b*tch and a wh*re. Well get THIS... some bloggers have the audacity to say: well no wonder when it comes to Petraeus' infidelity. (They are insinuating that Holly is old and ugly and that she has just let herself go.)

Are you kidding me? There is already evidence that there is more than one woman he may have had an affair with. This is a power issue. Men who repeatedly use women (as only objects for sex) have socio-psychological-narrsasstic issues. They are emotionally aloof and use every opportunity as a way to meet their own needs. This shows a lack of maturity and slow or absent emotional and mental development. If the theory that Holly "letting herself go" rings true, then why did Tiger Woods keep 50+ mistresses? These men could do the courageous thing and get a divorce if they want out. But, oh WAIT. That would almost be like an admission of respect for a woman as a person and that's not as important as their own egos.

In the words of Judge Judy, that's RIDICULOUS!

(Note: Sorry, but I cannot believe some people would place part of the blame of Petraeus' affair on his wife.)

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