Thankful For...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Oh come on, it's fun. Let's list what we're thankful for, m'kay? (I'm just not going to do the name-one-thing-I'm-thankful-for-every-day-on-Facebook...)

I'm thankful yet again for another year of support from my parents. They are undoubtedly wondering when I'll grow up and finally leave school but since that may never happen (kidding) I want them to know how much I appreciate the little and big things they do to help me achieve my dreams. They set the bar for achievement and success early in life and have been there encouraging me every step of the way.

I'm thankful for the amazing mentors and professors I've been able to work with at the University of Tennessee. A few deserve specific recognition this year. Thank you to Dr. Michelle Violanti who has patiently showed interest in my research ideas, my dissertation brainstorming and overall success as a PhD student. Thank you also goes to Dr. Michael Martinez, Dr. Nick Geidner and Dr. Gregory Button. They have all spent time outside of classes helping me with research design, ideas regarding research and methodology and even personal struggles of pursuing higher ed. I will remember these amazing people when I'm in their shoes helping grad students.

Everyday I'm thankful for my home. While small, it has a great kitchen and I've enjoyed developing my cooking and baking skills this year. It has helped with my stress level but has also turned me into more of a hermit. Ha! This is good for the pursuit of a PhD. I just need to try to win back some of my friends next year... lol.

I'm thankful for good health and relative safety. That isn't really something you start to consider until you get older but I've just completed several autobiographies of journalists who were either killed, injured or kidnapped in war zones (nice, happy reading material). This happened to them when they were about my age and I've become aware of my tendency to take my healthy body and mind as well as my freedom for granted. 

I'm also extremely thankful for the opportunity to find someone special this year. When you think you may never find true love again or a partner who matches you in perfect ways, it happens. :)

Keep going. Don't be afraid to take chances. Sometimes chances lead to things to be thankful for. Come on ... share your "thankful for" list...

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~C~ said...

Love this, and love that you are in love. Happy Thanksgiving.