Merry Christmas 2012

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Mom still puts up a tree and the kids (Dannen and I) just love it. I'm sure she is looking forward to the days that young toddler eyes will stare up to the glistening lights but she is polite enough to never mention it. 

On Christmas Eve my family usually goes out to a "special" place for a nice dinner. We had reservations at Mitchell's Steakhouse near Polaris but before we left, I snapped the traditional "self portrait" by holding the camera myself with the family crowded in the background to take the photo. The fifth one turned out like so:

Yes, I need to just get a tripod and then we can all pose nicely and grin but what's the fun in that? I like saying, "Dad! Why do you INSIST on putting your head directly behind mine in the photos!?" Then he sighs, moves his head and we take more pictures. 

On Christmas morning before we open gifts we have a lovely breakfast of Monkey Bread (biscuit mixture with brown sugar and cinnamon topping), bacon, scrambled eggs and Mimosas. 

As a child I remember I couldn't WAIT to open gifts and would wake up early with anticipation. This year on Christmas it was a miracle that I was up before 8am. We enjoyed opening gifts and afterwards dad and Dewey (the cat) cleaned up the wrapping paper while mom and I cooked Christmas lunch. 

Mom and I also put together a floral arrangement for holidays. She has a three-section urn that we use for a centerpiece. We put bowls inside the segments and add floral block, cover the block with moss and then just stick flowers in one by one. Roses with stronger stems go in easily. 

Please post about what your family did this year and about any traditions that you love. Happy holidays!


AK said...

Oh, sweetie. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine wasn't quite as successful. Have been down with the flu for a week now.. cough cough. I did a entry on my blog on the traditions at home, hope you'll read it. Oh, and I also have a WishDog giveaway contest for a Happy New Year 2013, if you want to check it out. Love you!

LizP said...

I love your family portrait! We need to start documenting our whole family every year!

I do Christmas Eve with a huge prime rib, green bean casserole and some sort of potato dish. I made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and my SIL does Christmas dinner. By the 26th we are all ready for salad!

Merry, Happy, and all of that to you!