Snorkeling in Silk Cayes, Belize

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One of my favorite experiences during Spring Break was a day tour to the Silk Cayes for lunch and snorkeling. The area is 36km off the coast of Palencia Village (an amazing place). James arranged for us to head out with the Turtle Inn dive shop crew to this gorgeous island (see above). 

Many divers say the coral reefs here are second only to those found in Australia! Before we even suited up and got into the water with our guide, we saw three Lemon Sharks in the shallow water surrounding the island (don't worry, they aren't dangerous).

The island was so beautiful. Interesting creatures inhabit the small plot of land including tons of tiny hermit crabs. 

The island has a few palm trees and we sat in the shade while admiring the turquoise waters. 

We snorkeled three different times and the last location had the best surprise of all! This is a picture of James with Loggerhead sea turtles:

On our last dive, James and I watched Loggerhead turtles and Southern Sting rays. He snapped some amazing underwater photos that I hope to share here later. I caught this picture from the boat of a Loggerhead before I got back in the water... 

The reason the Loggerhead sea turtles are so special to me (and my parents) is because we see them hatch on Bald Head Island in North Carolina at the end of the summer. We also helped one get back to sea one morning in 2002 (I think) with a conservation crew after the huge turtle became dehydrated and disoriented. 

The Loggerheads swim South after laying eggs on the beaches in the Outer Banks to take a long route to warmer waters. The cycle continues until they feed and mate and return to NC to lay eggs again. I told this female (pictured above) that I might see her soon when I visit the Outer Banks. :) 

This was certainly a memorable and special Spring Break. I'm a lucky gal.

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