Another Year Older

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

This summer I built a tiny outdoor "living room" and have enjoyed studying there with Lily. (She really acts like a dog sometimes and just lounges next to me while we're outside.) I used only recycled products (downed tree branches, vines and old pieces of wood that were in the back lot of my house when I bought it). I even built a small bench and table but usually I just sit in a camp chair. 

I hosted a birthday party for myself again this year but downscaled it just a bit. We had a nice time sitting around the fire and the menu included watermelon, chicken corn dogs, jumbo dill pickles and a gorgeous birthday cake from my friends Trish, Melissa and Wade. 

When I drove to Columbus to celebrate with my parents, bro and James, my mom set up a little beer tasting station on the back deck and we tried some local brews such as Fathead Honey Blueberry Ale and an Lagunitas IPA that Dannen really likes. 

Lily even joined the party (she came to Columbus with me as well as my other cat Violet).

We purchased some pretty flowers to celebrate and had fun arranging them. It was a lovely birthday and James took me to the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) for a week as well! I'll post more on that later. xo

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M said...

Happy birthday Denae !

Hope you had fun.:) God bless too.

:) I just read this post. Been a while since I updated mine. Just saw yours in my feed.