Chitabe Lediba Camp

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out of the three camps that we stayed at, we loved the rooms at Chitabe Lediba the best. They were large, well-appointed and had amble space to unpack your clothes for safari. Because you are only allotted so much weight for your bags, you have to have laundry done almost every day and it helps to be able to lay out your things so you can tell what is clean and what is dirty.

The rooms had lovely, large verandas that looked out onto fields where birds fed and Verdent Monkeys played. The tents do not "lock" so all valuables go into the safe but they all have a latch on the outside to secure when you leave. Why? The monkeys are so clever that they'll open the doors to go inside and look for food and wreak havoc. 

Here's what they look like. Aren't they so cute? I could sit and watch them for hours. They are so agile. 

One morning, at the Xigera camp, just before dawn, I was nibbling on a muffin and sat it down to drink some coffee. We were all having breakfast before leaving on a boat ride to see wildlife. I was watching a monkey that looked pretty brave. He climbed down from the roof of the main building and scurried along the rail coming towards me. Before I knew what was happening, he boldly looked me in the eye and snatched the muffin right off of my plate! It was hilarious and we laughed about it all day. The animals seemed to grasp that I was the weakest link of the group.

At Chitabe, we went out in these vehicles before dawn every morning and then took an afternoon drive until about dusk in the evenings. We would get a break for lunch and siesta. The point of going out at these times of day is to take pictures of animals in the best light. 

One afternoon, we had what I thought was one of the best wildlife encounters of the trip. We spent time with a handsome, male cheetah! Before spotting him, we encountered black-backed jackals playing. (That is rare to see in daylight.)

But back to the cheetah... our driver, B.B., noticed some cheetah tracks while driving and we began to follow them. As he was scanning the horizon, looking at the base of trees on little hills, he noticed the outline of the cheetah. It was pretty far away and we were all very impressed. Animals can be very difficult to find in the wild, but once you spot them, they are fairly easy to view at a close distance. 

Isn't he gorgeous?! I cannot understand why some people hunt big game such as cats, elephants, and rhinos. The populations do not need to be culled and they serve specific purposes in the intricate African ecosystems. Anyway, we spent about an hour and a half with this beautiful boy. Notice that the dark spots on his neck have longer hair that the lighter fur. So interesting! 

I was able to capture some great footage of this cat and put together a little video. The music is recorded from a special dinner where the staff performed native songs for us.

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