Hello, 36

Wednesday, 1 July 2015
Today is my birthday and it will be the sixth year that I’ve thrown a “party” for myself. Tonight a few people are coming over to our home in Columbus to have a beverage and finger foods. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous – 75 and sunny and I’m going to set up the back deck so people can hang out there as well.

This year will be fairly low-key compared to parties in the past. I somewhat perfected the “backyard” birthday party. I would get a keg of something “decent” each year (Sam Adam’s Summer Ale) and make pretty little bites to eat. We would also have a fire in the fire pit and people seemed to enjoy it.

I am of the opinion that birthdays should be celebrated. People have different ways that they may want to celebrate but hey – you survived another year on this great earth. Why not mark the occasion with something special? My favorite way to celebrate is to have people that I love near me to laugh, catch up, and make memories. (If there happens to be champagne then that’s a bonus!)

Last year around this time I wrote a post about turning 35. Looking over it, I noticed that the general take away from the rambling was that I am more comfortable in my own skin. (Other people’s opinions about me matter less.) I guess that sort of happens to everyone as we age.

What have I learned this year? Hmmm. I guess I’ve had a few moments where I thought everything was absolutely dire. Horrid, going down the tubes, over, appropriate to just throw in the towel. Then… the next day a solution would sort of appear beneath the fog of the situation. It takes great patience to not react to something that seems devastating but that’s what I learned. Things are never as bad as they seem. Courage and positive thinking are much more useful than mental surrender. That sounds cliché but I will spend time reminding myself of this as I spend two months in Pakistan as a Fulbright scholar. 36 will be a great age! 

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M said...

Happy happy birthday ! Good luck and may the best follow you always:)