Yoga in the yard

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
When I moved to Sri Lanka, one of my goals was to get serious about yoga. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, it isn't easy to find a private yoga instructor in Colombo or a yoga practice that is open to foreigners. (I'm not saying they aren't out there but I couldn't find one.)

While I was still there, sort of out of frustration, I reached out to my friend Leah who owns Balanced Yoga in Columbus, Ohio. She is certified through the Baptiste Institute (I had no idea what that meant when we started lessons) and she agreed to work with me! We are meeting twice a week for private lessons and then I'll likely move into classes at the studio. I've always enjoyed yoga but I lack confidence in the poses and knowledge about the practice.

The beginning of yoga for me was watching YouTube videos for beginners and attempting poses without interaction. It was difficult to stay motivated with no feedback. Then, I practiced yoga as an add-on after or before cardio at a large, generic gym located at an outdoor shopping center. The classes were fun but huge and the teachers were talented but I felt no attachment to the process and a lack of community. There wasn't a way to connect with others. The teachers were usually different so as a beginner I found it difficult to build a proper foundation for the practice.

We are changing that!

Leah has suggested that I try the Baptiste style of yoga. I am learning about the concepts and thought process that goes into finding "power" through practicing. Part of the learning process is journaling about the experience. I thought I'd share on my blog.

So far, I've learned that my body is stronger than I thought! I love doing yoga outside on my back deck with the trees swaying and the birds sining. I am also more mindful - but I'm only a week in.

My favorite pose is: Tree pose. The hardest pose for me is: Chaturanga into Upward Dog but Leah taught me to try "knees, chest, chin" out of the plank and then go into a Low Cobra. I'm sure that doesn't mean anything to a lot of people but the point is that I'm still "flowing" in Sun Salutation A but adapting the poses until I am stronger. I feel stronger everyday!

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